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Extraordinary General Meeting - 11/07/2017

We held an EGM at the Hog’s Back Hotel & Spa on Tuesday evening which was attended by more than 80 people, including Councillors Paul Spooner, Nigel Kearse and Matt Furniss. The initial session updated everyone on what has been done on behalf of the community both for general issues and regarding the planning, specifically on the Draft Local Plan.

Draft Local Plan

David Wyatt presented the committee’s view on the proposed Draft Local Plan, primarily around the options available on the location of any new green belt land and the boundary between the Ash Green Rural Area and Ash and Tongham Urban Area. He also explained the issues which we would face if we did not get an acceptable Local Plan agreed, in that we would remain a target for developers as without a local plan there would be nothing to constrain them. There was a lively discussion on several topics including the Ash Green Boundary, the proposed bridge over the railway line at Ash station, the need for infrastructure to be in place before any new housing is built and the need for a local community centre, amongst many other subjects.

You can view the presentation below, and download both the presentation and the sample objection letter by clicking on the pictures below.


AGRA 2017 Local Plan Slides PPT FINAL 11072017.pdf 2017 Local Plan Objections Letter PDF.pdf

To download the presentation click here:

2017 Local Plan Objections Letter.docx

Word Version

PDF Version

To download the sample objection letter click here:  

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