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Draft Local Plan

Guildford Borough Council have submitted a revised Draft Local Plan (DLP) which is available here . The plan is open for comments from 9 June to 24 July 2017. The plan proposed areas to be allocated for development. This plan  proposes defining the boundary of Ash Green as being along Ash Green Lane, this enables all of the land north of that, which includes Dene Lodge, the North end of White Lane, Ash Green Road and Drovers Way inside the Ash Urban Area, and no longer in the Rural Area!


There are currently 6 major applications awaiting decision by GBC, within 1.5 mile of Ash Green This is a total of 988 homes. Click Here for more information.

The additional houses in phases 2, 3 and 4 of Manor House development will be at least a further 200 homes.

Historically Ash Green was the green land surrounding the Manor House, which is defined, in the new DLP, as now being outside Ash Green.

AGRA objected to the draft local plan in 2014, and some comments remain valid today. Click Here to see the 2014 objections document submitted by AGRA.

AGRA also objected to the plan this time and submission of the plan to the planning inspectorate for examination is expected in December 2017.

You can see the 2017 AGRA objection Letter Here

Ash Green Lane (West) - BOAT 518 & 519

Surrey County Council have proposed changes to the west end of Ash Green Lane. Historically this was a byway open to all traffic (BOAT) but a Road Traffic Order (RTO) was placed on it  in 1994 which prevented the use of the BOAT by motorised or horse-drawn vehicles. SCC are proposing amendments to this.

Bewley Homes have requested that the westerly end of the BOAT, for a distance of 430 meters, is converted back into a road. A new barrier will be placed at the east end of this to prevent motorised vehicles from travelling down the rest of the BOAT. To quote SCC: “We have secured £27,528 for the ongoing maintenance of the access road if the TRO is approved.” This is the sum Bewley Homes have offered for SCC to adopt the road which will be the main access to the Minley Nurseries site.

We only have until 14th August to object to this. You can view the relevant documents by clicking on the icon below and objections can be sent to rightsofway@surreycc.gov.uk or mailed the Countryside Access Team at the address in the Notice of Intention.

You can view the AGRA Objection Letter Here

Notice of int.pdf

Notice of Int

Draft TRO 2017

Objections to TROs

Statement of Reasons

Draft TRO 2017.pdf Objections To Traffic Regulation Orders.pdf Statement of Reasons.pdf

The applications which have already been passed provide for a further 541 houses. Click Here for more information.

That’s a total of 1729 new properties. All of these are on the land separating Ash Green Rural area from the Ash and Tongham Urban Area. These applications also include the development of access roads to these estates, some of which are the enlargement and alteration of existing byways including those we currently use as footpaths or bridle ways.

Land at Ash Manor, Ash Green Road  17/P/01592 (Awaiting Decision) —––––––––––– NEW (28/07/2017) ––––––––––––––

This application is for an outline application for the erection of 100 dwellings with associated vehicular and pedestrian access. Click Here to see the full application on the GBC website.

AGRA are strongly opposed to this development, which the second phase on this land.  This development will potentially surround the old manor house and remove the green space between Ash and Ash Green so it is VITAL THAT WE OBJECT. GBC do not appear to have contacted all local residents, either by post or e-mail, and this has a very short deadline. We have posted a notice on the notice board and contacted everyone on the mailing list, and will be delivering a newsletter in the coming weeks.

Planning Notice.pdf

Land at Ash Manor, Ash Green Road  17/P/00513 (Awaiting Decision)—––––––––– Updated (28/07/2017) ––––––-––––––

Bewley Homes have submitted alterations to the original application, based on comments made by GBC. AGRA have not seen a copy of GBC comments.  Click Here to see the amended application on the GBC website.  

Steve Pedley send an objection to the SUDS team at SCC, on behalf of AGRA, outline some potential flaws in their assessment of the application and enquiring why they had changed their stance to approving the application. AS a result of this the team have now issues a recommendation that further work is undertaken to properly review the water flows, drainage and flooding risks on the site.

Local Residents have also been in contact with Historic England and they have also written a strong objection letter.

As these two events coincided with the new phase 2 application, the new application does not take either of these into account.


Ash Green Residents’ Association

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